Barbara Stokes Lands at GSH with a Sterling Track Record

Disasters such as the recent Hurricane Harvey create various shelter and other structure needs among communities. Barbara Stokes is a skilled hand in Disaster Relief Construction Contracting. Barbara Stokes works with several organizations to deliver efficient disaster response reconstruction. She is the Chief Executive Officer at Green Structure Homes of Alabama (GSH). The company provides on-site construction services for modular commercial structures, mobile houses, shelters and residential structures. The company also offers custom project management leadership that is run in-house. GSH offers expertise accumulated from over 30 years of exposure to emergency response construction services. Read more about Barbara Stokes at


How it Works


GSH has engineering expertise that enables it to satisfy the needs of the clients and the circumstances. The construction specialists have a comprehensive program running from planning; developing the foundation, the eventual installation, and oversight roles to make sure that the structures meet the set standards of quality. GSH is now proud of the leadership under Barbara Stokes who it hopes will propel it to greater heights of service delivery. She has a proven track record of leadership in a similar capacity. With GSH under the inspiring leadership of Barbara Stokes, the Alabama community can sleep easy knowing that they have a partner that they can count on for emergency construction projects. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


About Barbara Stokes


She serves as the CEO of GSH Alabama LLC. She is a Biomedical Engineering and Physics graduate from Mercer University. Barbara Stokes also paired her studies with Management and Manufacturing, Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Properties, and Materials. She moves to GSH Alabama after her sterling service at Pisces Corporation and at Boeing. Barbara has had broad experience in government contracting. She has been received at GSH Alabama with excitement and expectation. She is expected to promote the FEMA mission and the US government. She also volunteers in the Huntsville community activities. Barbara Stokes is a family woman with three children.




Green Structure Homes has been hailed for its unique initiative in disaster relief. It announced late in 2017 that it had sealed an agreement with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security to construct modern modular houses for the residents. The deal was in response to the distress caused by Hurricane Harvey. The deal was valued at $ 28, 516,300.


How Whitney Wolfe Is Contributing To The Technology Sector

At just 26 years, Whitney Wolfe has cemented her place in the technology sector. She started her first business at a tender age of 19 years. Currently, she is the chief executive officer of Bumble, a dating app company that she co-founded and launched in 2014.

Bumble is just a continuation of where Whitney began her journey in the technology industry. She was among a group of tech entrepreneurs that co-founded Tinder, an elite dating app that hit the industry in 2012.

To date, Bumble has grown exponentially and has recorded very positive results. During the first eight months after inception, it instigated over five million chats. The application targets women and are given the opportunity to initiate a conversation with an available male suitor. The app has grown in leaps and bounds and now has over 11 million members who visit the site around an hour per day perusing through the profile of other users either just to know more about the members or to send direct messages.

Recently, Whitney Wolfe and company added another feature on the app referred to as the Bumble BFF. This functionality allows women to connect and create bonds that could become very helpful in the future. Bumble BFF assists women in building lifelong friendships given that ladies in this day and age are taking their time before they are married. This feature also allows women to form friendships faster when for example they move to other cities for studies or work. Bumble BFF will help them connect and help reduce culture shock that comes with leaving in new towns. It also helps minimize disorientation and loneliness.

Whitney Wolfe is adamant in stating that, traditional dating methods place women at a lower level than the men. Whitney believes that a woman should be allowed to approach a gentleman if she finds him good-looking. According to Whitney, ladies should have equal chances when it comes to starting, creating, and building relationships.

Whitney Wolfe was born and bred in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her mother Kelly was a housewife while her father was a property developer. She is a graduate of International Studies from the Southern Methodist University. Whitney’s business interest began while she was still in college. She sold bamboo tote bags to help people affected by the BP oil spill through a non-profit she had launched with celebrity stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp. Immediately after college, she relocated to Southeast Asia to work with orphanages.

Highland Capital Enters Into Healthcare Deal Through South Korean Office

Highland Capital, an alternative investment company, based out of Texas recently entered into a private equity deal through their South Korean head office. The company will be following a deal that is worth over $147 million. This was a remarkable deal that helped the company gain a lot of attention for a variety of positive reasons. Read more about Highland Capital at


The National Pension Service of South Korea will be the primary investors in this deal. The organization is worth over five hundred billion and will be able to provide the coordinating companies with a large pool of resources to be able to better their developments and projects that they want to undertake. Highland Capital decided to embark on this venture with the view of gaining a considerable amount through investment returns in the healthcare sector.


The investment was also carried out keeping in mind a strategic plan for investments about the accounts that the company holds in its Asian territories. Highland Capital is operational in various locations around the world, with several leading offices in China and Korea, which is why South Korea was chosen as the best place for the execution of this plan.


For this particular deal, Highland Capital will be working in conjunction with Stonebridge Capital, a company that excels in private equity related solutions and functions as a venture capitalist firm. The company will co-manage the deal along with Highland Capital and will aid their overall workings with the investment company.



The deal also marks a new phase for Highland Capital as they work their way into the healthcare industry. This is one of the first routes that the company has taken about the healthcare sector and is setting the way for much more healthcare sector related deals in the future. The interest of Asian investors in the healthcare sector has also been beneficial for the growth of the company and the endeavors that they are looking to take. As there is more scope for investments in this field, it proves to be a right place for the company to invest their assets and reap benefits in the future. In turn, they are also aiding the growth of the healthcare industry as a whole.


Because of the development of the healthcare sector, there is a lot of scope for companies like Highland Capital who are looking for a viable route for investment. The healthcare sector in Asian countries is developing at a faster pace as compared to its western counterparts, which is why investing in this proves to be beneficial for the company. The reimbursement models that these companies work on also provide excellent scope for development for the companies that are involved with this kind of investments. Visit to know more.

What makes Organo Gold’s products superior when compared to those in the same space

Organo is an international corporation whose forte is in the manufacturing and selling of an array of high-quality products including beverages such as coffee and tea, nutraceuticals and even personal care products using the network marketing business model. This way they can be able to kill two birds with one stone which basically means that they can help improve the health of their esteemed customers while at the same time improving their economic status by providing the much needed stable source of income through their network marketing product offering. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Organo traces its roots to a small town in some remote part of Canada where it began as a coffee shop employing 3 people a number of years ago. Their main objective at the time was just to serve the best possible cup of coffee in town. Due to their hard work while at the same time staying rooted to their cause Organo Gold has managed to exponentially grow to a multinational corporation currently boasting of having successfully set up operations in over 50 countries from different parts all around the world.

What is their unique selling point you might ask? Well, it all boils down to a rare ingredient that they include in almost all of their products called Ganoderma lucidum which is very famous especially in Asia but also currently gaining popularity fast in the western parts of the world as well for its numerous medicinal and health benefits. The herb which grows as a mushroom has been in use for more than 2000 years helping people improve their health while at the same time being used as a cure for some ailments as well which is where the phrase “mushroom of immortality” comes from.


Among the most common health benefits and medicinal uses of the mushroom are prevention and slowing the multiplication of cancer cells, preventing heart disease by improving blood flow and protecting the liver from degenerating fast especially with people who have diseases such as hepatitis B, bilirubin and elevated liver enzymes (SGOT/SGPT). It also possesses the health benefits of acting both as an antibacterial and antiviral. Studies have also shown that Ganoderma helps greatly in the reduction of cholesterol levels in the body. Ganoderma has been found to boost the effects of the treatment while at the same time reducing the side effects of radiation therapy such as hair loss, headaches, weight loss, fever and vomiting. It also helps in the support of the urinary tract system. Read the reviews at

Mighty Fortress Church : Worshipping Christ And Teaching God’s Word

Mighty Fortress Church located in Minneapolis, Minnesota is one of the city’s most beautiful churches. In addition to its physical beauty, its church family is friendly, warm and welcoming and seeks to create meaningful, lasting relationships with its members and visitors. Worshipping at Mighty Fortress Church is a unique, wonderful experience. The services are enjoyable, everyone is welcome and people are encouraged to come as they are. The word of God is heard and His presence felt throughout the church as people thank and praise Him for their blessings.

The worship services at Mighty Fortress Church focus on God and the deeds He does in people’s daily lives that transforms them and makes them better able to love, help and support each other. The weekly services feature scriptural readings, prayer and worship through which Christian principles are taught and embraced. The worship team, band and choir create a blissful atmosphere rich with God’s presence and blessings. Its ultimate goal is to help people to come to know Christ, lead more faithful, prosperous lives and know they can overcome any challenges through the power of Christ within which strengthens them. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Mighty Fortress church family includes people of many cultures, races and social classes all united in their love of the Lord and commitment to Christian principles and values. Led by senior pastor Bishop Thomas Williams, the church family learns about the practical application of Christian love through the teaching of Christ Jesus. At the Mighty Forest Church the emphasis is on the Word of God and His love for His children. Members and visitors are encouraged to spread this light of love throughout the community and with everyone with whom they come in contact.


Bishop Thomas Williams is the founder and senior pastor of the multifaceted and multidimensional Mighty Fortress Church and Ministries. He’s known for his powerful-instructional preaching and revelatory teaching. Bishop Williams’ message focuses on the word of God, the family, church, community, repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation with the Almighty. A husband and father of three, Bishop Williams has spent over 30 years in the ministry.

Even before graduating from Minneapolis’ North Central University with a BA in mass communication and earning a master’s degree in organizational leadership from St. Paul based Bethel University and Seminary, Bishop Williams had committed his life to God, family and the ministry. He consistently delivers a message of empowerment and encouragement. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

How Sentient’s New Technology Increases Conversion Rates by 100 Percent

Sentient Technologies is a world leader when it comes to the design and use of tools that promote artificial intelligence. The company recently announced that it has launched the Sentient Ascend, a highly effective conversion rate optimization tool. The Sentient Ascend uses artificial intelligence to develop various designs for online marketers. Its launch could bring to an end the use of A/B Testing in assessing and measuring the success of conversion rate optimization strategies.

Conversion rate optimization tools use technologies driven by data. The main purpose of these tools is to monitor the growth of businesses and improve the way they measure their key performance indicators. With the introduction of the Sentient Ascend, many users have begun to appreciate the significance of artificial intelligence in the day-to-day operations of businesses. AI technology focuses on the most crucial parts of the business such as brand marketing, product development and employee management. This helps businesses to have a rough idea of where they are and how much they need to improve. In addition, the artificial intelligence technology has made it easy for marketers to test more ideas in areas such as brand image creation, customer service response and email marketing.

According to pundits who tested the new tool, its conversion speed is 100 times more than the traditional A/B testing solution. In addition, its conversion rate optimization solution is very fast when compared to the old A/B speed testing solution. The A/B testing solution only evaluates the impact of one marketing idea at a time whereas the Sentient Ascend solution tests multiple marketing ideas concurrently.

Sentient Ascend has become very popular due to the fact that it uses evolutionary algorithms and artificial intelligence to perform its functions. A combination of powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence principles enables the tool to maximize efficiency and effectively mutate and change variables based on outputs. This in turn leads to optimum revenues. The combination also enables the tool to integrate many changes that help marketers find the best conversion rates.

Finally, Sentient AI has made other testing software to become completely irrelevant since it offers an automated platform for high multivariate revenue optimization. It is also efficient in discovering modern combinations of various elements that increase the rate of conversion.

WEN By Chaz Nourishing Treatment Oils To The Rescue For Lackluster Hair

Let’s be honest; women love their hair to be perfect, and that usually means coloring, blow-drying, straightening, curling, etc. It’s hard to wean ourselves off the hair care products, processes, and use of heat styling tools, because we’re all about the pretty.

So, to maintain healthy, strong, vibrant hair, it’s best to use as few chemicals as we can. WEN by Chaz was developed by famous hair guru Chaz Dean, to give women a better way to cleanse, restore, repair, protect and show off. His unique cleansing conditioners are no lather shampoos and have changed the way many of us care for our hair.

There have been a ton of imitators, but WEN by Chaz is the true original, no-poo system. His entire WEN hair care line was designed around his holistic lifestyle, featuring products from nature in effective and nourishing botanical and fruit extracts. His line will never include any damaging detergents like the sulfates found in most shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments on the market. WEN by Chaz is pure, kind and gentle. Every item that bears his name delivers shine, vitality and fullness.

To give your strands extra, tender loving care from root to end, WEN by Chaz has developed amazing nourishing treatment oils. These gorgeous products can be used overnight to the bathe hair in hydrating goodness or spritzed on to your locks for a quick moisturizing moment for dry hair. These unique oil blends are like nothing else, and you will fall in love.

WEN by Chaz treatment oils come in a variety of excellent formulas. For instance, The Bamboo Green Tea Replenishing Treatment Mist is a lovely formula packed with natural extracts, vitamins and amino acids. These all work to balance the health of your tresses and deliver lots of enviable shine, softness and fullness.

You can purchase WEN products on EBay

Latest Fund Leadership from George Soros

Hard decisions and difficult economic times are nothing new for George Soros. He has learned over the years to assess the momentum in world markets and make his adjustments to profit from them. So today it appears that Soros is once again bracing for time of economic challenge. His recent activity has been revealed to see his firm do two things which reveal a keen strategy. George Soros has got rid of the number of stock holdings in the United States and secondly he has increased his ownership of gold. These two actions paint a clear picture of what Soros believes is the smart move in growing your wealth in the near future.

When it comes to dropping the holdings of his fund by over 1/3rd he is preparing his fund for what he sees as a difficult time for stocks. This was according to a recent government filing on Soros has spoken openly for months about his concern over the Chinese economy and has compared it to the atmosphere of the U.S. during 2008. He expects for stock prices to drop in China due to their debt based economic situation. George Soros has had concerns that the issues in Asia are going to be exported to the world and preparing your investments with better investment options is the wise move.

That means that the other option for Soros has also become apparent as well. George Soros has accumulated some significant interests in the gold market. His fund has acquired 2.1 million shares of the SPDR 500 ETF Trust. Then they have got possession of 1.7% of Barrick Gold Corporation which is worth a tidy $264 million. All of these assets put Soros and his fund deeply invested in the future price of gold. That is because with issues in China, financiers there are now looking to buy gold because their currency is devaluing. This thirst for gold by the Chinese is going to raise the price and allow for a tidy little profit. Once again it is George Soros playing chess while the rest of the financial world plays checkers. Read more at

Soros went from simple rich trader to billionaire famous financial guru in 1992 when he was able to gamble against the British Pound and make billions overnight. This made Soros one of the most powerful voices in the financial world. When he speaks, the savvy investors are paying attention and follow his advice. He has been able to guide his hedge fund for years turning it into one of the most profitable in the world.

Soros is not only a great fund manager and billionaire, he has spent much of his time and fortune to give back to those less fortunate. His philanthropic endeavors have been well documented over the past 40 years and include providing people with the foundations that provide freedom. He has been and continues to be a proponent of education. He has helped protect individual freedom through his Open Society foundations which work to create tolerant and vibrant democratic countries and making governments accountable for their actions to their citizens. 

Solo Capital Founder Sanjay Shah Finds Calling With Autism Charity



Sanjay Shah is an accountant, millionaire, entrepreneur and family man. He has spend countless hours building his investment and consulting business from the ground up. He only started with a few employees and quickly increased his business as it continued to grow rapidly. His investment company now is a multi-million dollar company and it’s called Solo Capital. Solo Capital’s success has relied solely on Sanjay Shah’s hard work, expertise and education. His businesses are located in Dubai and Central London, where there are 39 offices operating and conducting invest businesses. As a seasoned accountant, he understood the financial side of the business and was able to easily grow it into a trusted investment firm that is stable and secure. He had hoped but never imagined what Solo Capital would grow into, and it’s put him in a great financial standing that has allowed him to pursue other areas of interest and passion.

Before he invested in his brokerage firm, he attended King’s College to study medicine. Shortly after studying medicine, he changed his major to accounting and graduated with an accounting degree. He started working in an accounting firm before he decided to start Solo Capital. He grew tired of always working for someone else and enduring the commute back and forth was getting tiresome. He took the plunge as an entrepreneur by hiring a few people to help him get the business up and running. After a few short years the business had been so successful that it had reach the million dollar mark. Shah finally felt like he was in a good financial position to take a break from the business, retire and pursue a passion of his that is extremely close to his heart.

The founder of Solo Capital started Autism Rocks which is a charity that is based on the research and development of the disorder. He had been donated to children in India for some time, and found it necessary to being donating to the charity as well as staging gigs with some of the most famous music artists in the industry to help him raise money. Shah’s son was diagnosed with Autism in 2011 and he wanted to do everything in his power to help his little boy. He was visiting one day with Snoop Dogg, and he urged Shah to get back into the music industry that he was once a part of. He was able to find artists that would throw concerts for the cause and help Shah raise money for the charity event. He is the sole owner of the charity and delegates where the money goes and where it is to be spent. He hopes that the charity will someday find a cure for the disorder and provide research for the cause, as well as help others cope.
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How To Follow In The Footsteps Of Gregory Hague

One of the most successful people in real estate offers up amazing tips on real estate success. He offers these tips at a site called Many people in real estate have learned a tremendous amount from his website. The tips he offers on this website really give you an edge in the competitive world of real estate.

Gregory Hague is the founder of the legendary 990 Company. The 990 Company offers impressively low fees for people looking to sell homes. In addition to impressively low fees, when you sell your home with the 990 Company, you will get a very large amount of money for your home. His approach to real estate makes it possible to effectively and cheaply sell real estate quickly and provide clients with excellent profits.

The Real Estate Mavericks illustrates the principles that he has used in a highly effective manner. First of all, he tells you in a way that is very engaging and captivating. This keeps readers glued to the page and all ears to his videos. However, he also has organized the website in a way that is captivating. He breaks down the information into understandable segments. This makes it easy for people to understand what is being explained.

If you’re beginning to get your real estate business on the ground, the 22 step program can help you with this. Gregory Hague explains everything you need to know in 22 easy to digest steps. This will get your business started the right way. You’ll hit the ground running, just like Gregory Hague did with his business.

Finally, Gregory Hague teaches people how to sell homes within 29 days. This extraordinarily fast speed of sales is only possible using expert techniques. He teaches people these techniques on One big part of how this is done is by giving potential clients a sneak peek at what is for sale. You show the listing before it is officially listed. People can browse through and view these listings that have not been officially placed on the market. When the listing actually enters the markets, there are already people interested. All these interested people start bidding against one another. As this happens, the home seller gets the house sold at a higher price.

Gregory Hague spreads the methods that he used to become successful very widely. There have been numerous people that have benefited from his advice. In the future, more and more people will likely continue to benefit from it. As more and more people are influenced by his strategies of working with the real estate markets, the real estate markets are likely to change. This will likely greatly benefit sellers of real estate, both clients and real estate businesses.