Hydrate Your Lips With This Incredible Lip Balm

When it comes to lip balms Evolution of Smooth has the best. Known as EOS for short, this company has produced a lip balm that is unique in its packaging and flavors and offers protection for your lips at the same time. They have some fun and soft colors to choose from with each color representing the flavor inside. There is a wide variety of flavors to choose from which means there is something that everyone will love. The sphere shape of this lip balm in a soft shell is eye catching and like none other. You have a variety of choices when it comes to EOS lip balms, including a line of shimmer balms to give your lips that extra shine and a line that includes sunscreen to protect your lips from the sun.
Not only can you expect a lip balm that is fun and flavorful, but you will also have a lip balm that is rich in antioxidants and contains vitamin E, Shea Butter and jojoba oil to moisturize and protect your lips from cracking. Made of natural ingredients, Evolution of Smooth lip balm is dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic also.

You can choose to purchase these lip balms individually or in multi-packs if you choose to have a variety of flavors on hand or want to hand out as gifts that others are sure to love. EOS balms are available on your local Walmart store and online on Amazon.

This lip balm may come in a fun and vibrant shell, but you can also count on it to keep your lips hydrated along with having a sweet taste. You certainly can’t go wrong with that. Visit their website: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/.



The Rise Of FreedomPop Stuns The Industry

No one likes it when the internet goes out in a home. People who rely on the internet for critical person and professional tasks might not be too thrilled about driving 10 miles to a local copy and print shop to pay a ridiculous per minute fee to use a computer rental station. FreedomPop, the brilliant Los Angeles-based tech startup, makes it so this situation does not have to play out this way. Through the reasonably-priced “Hub Burst” device, users can connect to a 4G LTE. Basic service reveals 1 GB per month at no charge. Paying extra for upgrades is an option.

The news about Hub Burst may be shocking to those used to paying crazy fees for secondary internet lines. The same is true of people who pay for marginal mobile service. FreedomPop is really giving consumers something special. Best of all, the startup is doing this while also trying to save consumers incredible amounts of money.

Reading a FreedomPop review for the first time may stun the reader. The first four letters of the company’s name spell the word “free” for an apt reason. Basic smartphone service yields 200 minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data at no cost. The smartphones do have to be purchased from FreedomPop, but the costs are equally reasonable. In some cases, fantastic reconditioned name brand smartphones can be acquired at an amazing discount.

The company really is making waves across the United States and around the world. A mobile data and tablet plan, a $5 United States Wi-Fi hotspot service, and a $19.99 unlimited smartphone minutes, text, and data plan are all available for subscribers.

The company is garnering a tremendous amount of publicity in trade publications due to all these innovative new plans and ideas. Releasing new deals and service plans is not enough though. The company has to deliver on all promises and expectations. Based on reviews and feedback, a huge number of subscribers are thrilled with the deals. Over 40% of subscribers end up upgrading from the initial free service to a paid one.

The company is absolutely poised to grow. Investment funds are rolling in. In early 2015, it was revealed the company raised around $19 million in funding. The money is clearly being well spent as evidenced by the amazing services FreedomPop has announced. And there is more to come so stay tuned. Read more: http://www.recode.net/2016/1/20/11588924/freedompop-raises-another-50-million-to-offer-cheap-global-roaming

How White Shark Media Uses Complaints To Maximize Customer Satisfaction

In any industry, customer satisfaction is paramount to business success. White Shark Media has gone out of its way to solve complaints from its clients. By solving these complaints, the company has reported an increase in customer satisfaction. In addition, its quality of services has greatly improved. Below are some of these complaints.

In the past, many clients have complained about losing touch with their AdWord Campaigns. Inadequate reporting procedures were found to be the causes of this problem. In efforts to solve this issue, White Shark Media has changed its methods of training clients to include adequate reporting procedures.

Through the new process, the firm thoroughly explains all the ins and outs of a given campaign to the client before it is launched. This process enables the client to view the performance of various keywords quickly.

Some customers complained of inadequate communication from White Shark Media. In consultancy, communication is crucial. Therefore, White Shark Media came up with two ways to enhance its communication with customers.

The first solution was scheduled monthly status calls. During the call, the SEM Strategist and the client discuss the performance of the customer’s AdWord campaigns in the last 30 days as well as the monthly report that is sent to the client before the call is made. The GoToMeeting platform is used to enhance the discussion as the strategist can share his screen with the customer.

Secondly, the firm’s phone systems have direct extensions. These systems allow clients to make direct calls to their contact person. Apart from direct call lines, customers are also provided with direct email addresses of their strategists.

This method ensures that there is seamless communication between the firm and its clients.
White Shark Media is also working hard to ensure that each client’s campaigns have greatly improved. To this end, the company has developed two strategies.

The first plan is to ensure that the existing campaigns are in active use and that there is always a supervisor managing a maximum of 5 strategists. In addition to managing AdWord campaigns, the company also provides SEO services to its clients.

About White Shark

White Shark Media Complaints team is a fast growing online marketing agency. The firm specializes in offering tailored marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses around the world. Its primary services are managing AdWord Campaigns and providing SEO services.

Gary Garth, White Shark Media’s CEO, believes that the services offered by the company can transform any business regardless of its physical location.

Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/

InnovaCare: Offering Great Medicare Advantage Plans

Every government strives to ensure that its citizens get the highest medical care available. Countries have adopted laws that create national health insurance policies to provide health coverage. These insurance systems are intended to cater for the patients while still minimizing the costs on the part of the patient. In most instances, the systems are standardized offering medical care in recognized hospitals and health centers. However, people are required to pay a certain amount of money as benefits. The insurance plans in most instances are very rigid and do not offer flexible medical care alternatives. A while back the federal government of the US introduced Medicare Advantage Plan. It is a customized medical care plan providing all services provided for by the original medical plan plus other alternatives. It offers other services that are not covered by the old insurance regime in a suitable and planned scheme. Under the contemporary health insurance policy, a person is required to pay for all the services provided for under the plan. However, with Medicare Advantage Plus an individual may appeal to opt out of services they deem they do not need. The federal government pays a certain amount of money to ensure that services go smoothly. The beauty of this plan is that a person has various options. Different companies offer different packages in regards to the Advantage Plus Program. The medical scheme is necessary as it creates competition among service providers. A person is presented with various options when shopping for a plan hence better medical care programs.

Read more: About Us

InnovaCare Health is a respected healthcare company that specializes in offering customized medical programs. The company was developed to tap into people seeking alternative medical plans other than those offered in national insurance schemes. The company has its headquarters in the US but also provides medical services in Puerto Rico. Many institutions in the health care system have lost the primary objective of taking care of the patient and have pursued monetary claims. InnovaCare Health strives to provide the best medical services available at affordable prices.

A company is as good as the people who run and control it. InnovaCare health has some of the brightest minds in medical sector
behind it. At the helm of the company is Doctor Rick Shinto who is its president and chief operating officer. He has years of experience in the medical arena. Penelope Kokkinides is its chief administrative officer. She is well learned and graduated with honors from the University of Binghamton where she studied biological sciences.

Wen and Fine Hair

I read Emily McClure’s testimonial about Wen by Chaz Dean with interest. My hair is fine and curly, not straight like hers. It soaks up moisture and without enough, it becomes a frizzy mess. I have a hard time finding products that work for me. I was really interested to see what her results would be.

McClure’s review of the Amazon available product was refreshing for how honest it was. She lists both the pros and cons of the product. I thought it was interesting that she had more build up the day after using Wen. But in a way it makes sense, because without sulfates the hair is scrubbed less. I think that when I try the product, I will use more of it on the ends than on the roots, since it seemed to build up there for her.

That’s right, after reading McClure’s review and especially after seeing her pictures, I am totally going to give Wen by Chaz Dean a try [product link: http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html]. I always thought that the infomercials were great, but seeing an average girl with average skin and her results has really convinced me. Even in the second day photos that she is less than happy with, I think her hair looks glossy and refreshed.

Refreshed looking hair is something I long for. Sometimes I leave the house looking good and arrive at work as a frizz monster. I would love a product that works, and if it weighs my curls down a bit, that might be perfect. I am looking forward to giving Wen a try! Be sure to check out their YouTube channel.


Online Reputation Management Removes Negative Content From Search Results

Are you a company manager, business owner or professional looking to protect your online reputation? Want an efficient system that can address any threats and prevent reputation damage? Perhaps you have heard or read about Fix Search Results and the tremendous benefits their services offer to clients looking to remove negative search results.

Many marketing executives, business owners and service providers fail to understand how poor or negative online reputation can damage their business.

Nowadays, people are researching products, services, and brands online before they make a decision to purchase. Do you know what people are looking for? Do you know why they look up a company’s name before deciding whether to buy or not? If you are not sure, then you’re already missing out. People like to patronize businesses that have a positive reputation and if your brand or company is not reliable or credible, they will go to a competitor to get what they want.

Having the trust of your potential customers and clients is an important component of success. People discuss their purchases with friends and acquaintances and when they have an issue they will most likely let others know about their experience. With the advent of the Internet, word spreads fast and you should be concerned with what customers and clients are saying about your business, product or service.

It is essential for every business owner or company to convey a great image and be trustworthy. Reputation management companies like Fix Search Results are available to help you maintain a positive image and keep your business running efficiently. Fix Search Results has a well-trained team of reputation management professionals and is well known for providing outstanding service. The company comes highly recommended in the industry and clients are always raving about the excellent service they receive.

People And Kate Hudson Talk About How Fabletics Has Changed Fashion

People and Kate Hudson had a talk about how and why she started Fabletics to offer women better clothing. The line was designed to make sure that people are going to get the help that they need without any real trouble. The basic idea of Fabletics is that people are going to be able to wear clothing that is comfortable, and Kate Hudson does not want to waste her time playing around with her clothes. This includes her swimsuits, and she has a whole line of swimsuits from Fabletics that are comfortable and easy to wear.

Women will be able to dress really well in these swimsuits because they are so easy to match with other Fabletics clothes, and that is also easy because the suits were designed to be worn at the beach or at the pool. That means that a woman is going to feel sexy when she gets ready for the pool, and she is going to feel as though she has been given a way to look her best even if it just a simple one piece. These women need to be able to wear something chic that they can toss in a bag, and that is what Fabletics offers.

Someone who wants to make the most of their wardrobe is going to have to figure out what they can do to make their clothing work for them at all times. There are some things that women have to avoid when they are choosing swimsuits, but the best thing about Fabletics is that it does not force women into clothes that they would not wear. That means that all these women are going to be able to wear nice suits they can shove into a bag if they needed, and then they can pull the suits back out when they need. Source: http://stylenews.people.com/style/2016/07/04/kate-hudson-fourth-of-july-patriotic-beach-wear-fabletics/

The Delightful Career Of Compliance Officer Helane Morrison

Working women have always faced barriers. While such barriers have fallen in recent decades, women today still face problems when they decide to embark on a serious career. A career in business can be hard for even the most determined woman. This is why successful career woman Helane Morrison is aware of her own special qualities. It is such qualities that have helped her confront the stereotypes that can be in her way as she has climbed the corporate ladder and seen her career continue to develop. Helane Morrison knows that she must be able to demonstrate skills at all times in order to compete in the world of business and law.

An Early Start

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Morrison decided to head out west to complete her education. Journalism was the field that first held her interest. It was why she choose to earn a degree in the field from Northwestern University. Learning to master the world of business and factual evidence later led her to go after a degree in law from the University of California at Berkeley law school. Putting her degree to good use became an underlying passion of hers after she graduated at the top of her class and passed the bar in California.

Making A Home Here

As a recent article fully recounts, Morrison began her climb up the corporate ladder as she remained in California. California became her home base and a place where she could stay and be part of the legal scene here. After clerking for an appeals court judge, Morrison began to consider the best place to use her many legal talents. She was to find that being part of the regional law firms here was to her liking and an option that allowed her to use her legal talents effectively.

Joining The SEC

The SEC is a major American organization entrusted with making sure that American companies are not in violation of any important laws. Morrison found that she fit right in at the SEC here, ultimately becoming head of the regional enforcement office for the San Francisco branch. Morrison has continued to remain in the San Francisco area where she has been able to develop her legal talents and provide an example for other women who might wish to follow in her footsteps and decide to enter the field of law just as she has done.

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Discusses Experience, Customer Service, and The Future of Gold

Philip Diehl, former U.S. Mint Director and current U.S. Money Reserve President, recently discussed his leadership background, U.S. Money Reserve’s customer service, and the gold market’s future in an interview for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise radio, which allows those in leadership positions in organizations to share ideas.

U.S. Money Reserve is one of the country’s largest distributors of U.S. Government issued coins. They offer the best quality in precious metal coins. With uncertainty in the global economy, investing in precious metals has become a way to protect wealth from economic downturn and inflation. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.linkedin.com/company/u-s-money-reserve and https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/u-s-money-reserve

The price of gold is expected to set new record highs in the future.
Starting this year, the company now offers IRAs that are backed by precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, which serves as legal tender guaranteed by the federal government and offers investors a higher level of assurance than traditional IRAs.Emphasizing the importance of customer satisfaction has earned U.S. Money Reserve the sought-after honor of an AAA rating by the Business Consumer Alliance.

Prior to being elected U.S. Mint Director by President Clinton, Diehl served as chief of staff of the U.S. Treasury. During his time as Director of the U.S. Mint, Diehl made drastic changes, including improving customer service, overseeing the 50 States Quarter program, and minting the first U.S. government issued platinum coin.

His experience gave him insight and understanding of monetary policy, which is still applicable to his work today.

Diehl has applied the same principles since becoming president of U.S. Money Reserve as he did during the transformation of the U.S. Mint, including making customer satisfaction top priority. U.S. Money Reserve ensures that customers are receiving the highest quality precious metals available to them by having account executives that consider the goals of each individual investor when choosing the most appropriate metals for their portfolio.

Read more:

US Money Reserve TV Commercials – iSpot.tv
U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio


How Do Online Reputation Management Companies Handle Crises?

A major crisis of a brand image online has to be handled by an online reputation management company, and that company needs to be able to create a lot of content that will make it easy for people to see the good side of their client. Clients need to have more positive news on their companies online, and they need someone like Status Labs to do the work. Status Labs is trained and ready to handle these problems, and the company is armed for any kind of campaign they need to start.

A major crisis online usually is followed by a response from the client, and the response can be crafted by Status Labs. Companies like this have PR professionals in the office who can handle these things perfectly, and they will come up with a response to make it easy for the client to move forward, and then they will start looking for ways to make their online search results look better. There is no way for the client to come up with this information on their own, but it is possible for the client to get a company like Status Labs to do this work.

The people who are doing their best to change their online reputation should work with a company like Status Labs to be sure that there is no question they look better in the public eye. Every company should have an online reputation company on their side, and they should also have that company will check on their reputation from time to time. The tracking of a reputation helps handle problems before they get too big, and that also makes it easier for the client to know what people think of them.

There is no need for a client to feel like they are stuck with a bad reputation when they can get someone to fix it for them. They can reach out to a company like Status Labs, and they will be in a position to change their image into something brand new. That is what online reputation management companies do for every client.

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