Barbara Stokes Lands at GSH with a Sterling Track Record

Disasters such as the recent Hurricane Harvey create various shelter and other structure needs among communities. Barbara Stokes is a skilled hand in Disaster Relief Construction Contracting. Barbara Stokes works with several organizations to deliver efficient disaster response reconstruction. She is the Chief Executive Officer at Green Structure Homes of Alabama (GSH). The company provides on-site construction services for modular commercial structures, mobile houses, shelters and residential structures. The company also offers custom project management leadership that is run in-house. GSH offers expertise accumulated from over 30 years of exposure to emergency response construction services. Read more about Barbara Stokes at


How it Works


GSH has engineering expertise that enables it to satisfy the needs of the clients and the circumstances. The construction specialists have a comprehensive program running from planning; developing the foundation, the eventual installation, and oversight roles to make sure that the structures meet the set standards of quality. GSH is now proud of the leadership under Barbara Stokes who it hopes will propel it to greater heights of service delivery. She has a proven track record of leadership in a similar capacity. With GSH under the inspiring leadership of Barbara Stokes, the Alabama community can sleep easy knowing that they have a partner that they can count on for emergency construction projects. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.


About Barbara Stokes


She serves as the CEO of GSH Alabama LLC. She is a Biomedical Engineering and Physics graduate from Mercer University. Barbara Stokes also paired her studies with Management and Manufacturing, Technical Communication, Thermodynamics, Properties, and Materials. She moves to GSH Alabama after her sterling service at Pisces Corporation and at Boeing. Barbara has had broad experience in government contracting. She has been received at GSH Alabama with excitement and expectation. She is expected to promote the FEMA mission and the US government. She also volunteers in the Huntsville community activities. Barbara Stokes is a family woman with three children.




Green Structure Homes has been hailed for its unique initiative in disaster relief. It announced late in 2017 that it had sealed an agreement with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security to construct modern modular houses for the residents. The deal was in response to the distress caused by Hurricane Harvey. The deal was valued at $ 28, 516,300.