Guilherme Paulus: The Rise To The Top

Guilherme Paulus is known as one of the best businessmen in the tourism industry. However, becoming an entrepreneurial success was not what he had originally intended on becoming. His original dream was to become a doctor. This didn’t work out for him because his parents could not afford to help him pursue that type of career.

Instead, he earned a degree in Business Administration and later went on to work for IBM. He grew tired of all of the calculations and numbers, and he left the company after a little over two years.

Guilherme Paulus didn’t leave IBM right away. He waited for an opportunity to pursue another type of career, and this came in the form of a newspaper ad. The ad in the newspaper was placed by the Casa Faro travel agency, and they were looking to hire a salesman. Guilherme took the job and quickly found his passion for serving people that were traveling. During one of the trips Guilherme Paulus met a politician that noticed how skilled he was at his profession. The man was Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Carlos offered Guilherme a partnership for them to start up their own travel agency.

The two founded the CVC travel agency in 1972. Carlos left the business venture only four years after the founding of the CVC, and he sold his shares in the company to Guilherme Paulus. The CVC travel agency went on to become the largest tourist operator in all of Latin America with Guilherme’s leadership. Guilherme has exceptional leadership qualities and has listed characteristics that are necessary for anyone that is pursuing any profession. The characteristics are:

– Do not be afraid to take risks
– Be optimistic
– Be determined
– Love what you do

The Brazilian entrepreneur has been the host of many events and has also been a guest speaker in several occasions. He suggests for people to not worry about politics because they will not change and to instead create and plan for ourselves. For Guilherme, the most important thing is the customer. His motto is to dream big.