Highland Capital Enters Into Healthcare Deal Through South Korean Office

Highland Capital, an alternative investment company, based out of Texas recently entered into a private equity deal through their South Korean head office. The company will be following a deal that is worth over $147 million. This was a remarkable deal that helped the company gain a lot of attention for a variety of positive reasons. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.


The National Pension Service of South Korea will be the primary investors in this deal. The organization is worth over five hundred billion and will be able to provide the coordinating companies with a large pool of resources to be able to better their developments and projects that they want to undertake. Highland Capital decided to embark on this venture with the view of gaining a considerable amount through investment returns in the healthcare sector.


The investment was also carried out keeping in mind a strategic plan for investments about the accounts that the company holds in its Asian territories. Highland Capital is operational in various locations around the world, with several leading offices in China and Korea, which is why South Korea was chosen as the best place for the execution of this plan.


For this particular deal, Highland Capital will be working in conjunction with Stonebridge Capital, a company that excels in private equity related solutions and functions as a venture capitalist firm. The company will co-manage the deal along with Highland Capital and will aid their overall workings with the investment company.

Read: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/highland-capital-management-closes-private-equity-fund-with-south-koreas-national-pension-service-300456659.html


The deal also marks a new phase for Highland Capital as they work their way into the healthcare industry. This is one of the first routes that the company has taken about the healthcare sector and is setting the way for much more healthcare sector related deals in the future. The interest of Asian investors in the healthcare sector has also been beneficial for the growth of the company and the endeavors that they are looking to take. As there is more scope for investments in this field, it proves to be a right place for the company to invest their assets and reap benefits in the future. In turn, they are also aiding the growth of the healthcare industry as a whole.


Because of the development of the healthcare sector, there is a lot of scope for companies like Highland Capital who are looking for a viable route for investment. The healthcare sector in Asian countries is developing at a faster pace as compared to its western counterparts, which is why investing in this proves to be beneficial for the company. The reimbursement models that these companies work on also provide excellent scope for development for the companies that are involved with this kind of investments. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.